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A message from our founder;


This is Brenda Bowman the founder of Brenda's tax service.  I started this business in 1975.  In those days everything was done on paper, hand written, with the aid of tax books and a calculator.  There were no copy machines, fax, or internet.   Later, In the early nineties, we took huge steps in our business's evolution with the adaptation of computers and tax processing software.  Later we even got the internet!

Additionally, in all those years, I  have always provided valued priced tax services by keeping our cost to a minimum and by offering fees as low as possible. 

Note, I have recently retired.  My son, Jeff Bowman, is  going to pick up the reins and take over the business.  That said, I will still be in the background working in an advisory capacity.  And furthermore, I hope to see some of my clients I have worked with and developed relationships with after so many years together! And, I look forward to meeting new clients too.


Brenda Bowman

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