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Note: prices subject to change.- especially now...1st time price guide setup.

Prices subject to change.

Tax return - Individual

  • Face to Face or remote interview 

  • Single, married filing jointly, head of household or widower.

  • Standard deduction

 $75 Federal and State

 $35 per additional state(s).

 Forms cost extra per form See  "Forms Pricing" box.


We accept cash and check.


Tax return - Business

(1) Small business and/or taxpayers filing with itemized deductions.  $115

  • Self employed businesses including Sole proprietor, Partnership or LLC no corporations.

$35 per additional state(s).

Forms cost extra per form see  "Forms Pricing" box.

Note: additional small business companies taxes  (you have multiple businesses) will be at least $40 each, but more or less depending on complexity.

Forms Pricing

  • W2(s) $6 per form

  • Social Security $6 per form

  • Pension, 401k/IRA...etc. distribution, banking earned interest etc... $6 per form

  • Stock reporting $21 per form

  • Credits; child tax, student, EIC, daycare etc.  $19

  • Premium Tax Credit (Affordable health care) $12

  • Interest $6

  • Dividends $6

  • HSA or FSA 6$ per form 

  • Sale of any assets i.e home or land etc..$40

Additional Services

  • Provide a second opinion on taxes done by another preparer.  $40

  • Aid with preparing forms for any array of problems, including, but not limited to, property taxes reduction, Social Security withholding, loan applications etc...   

We charge a minimum of $40 for non standard services, but more if it gets complex.  We will give you a quote if it appears it will cost more than $40.

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